“We promise to treat you with respect because we believe in treating others how we would want to be treated.”

About Regional Home Buyers

Regional Home Buyers is a real estate solutions company that aims to assist homeowners facing challenging situations such as foreclosure, burdensome property ownership, probate, or other difficulties. Our focus is to be on providing win-win solutions that benefit both your company and the homeowners in distress.

Regional Home Buyers company is a family-owned business located in Tampa, our primary focus is on assisting homeowners facing various challenges in selling their properties. Dealing with foreclosure, difficulty in selling a property, or needing to sell for various reasons can indeed be stressful situations for homeowners.

By positioning ourself as a real estate solutions company, we are conveying a commitment to finding tailored and effective answers to the specific needs of your clients. This customer-centric approach, coupled with being a family-owned business, can often create a more personalized and trustworthy connection with homeowners who may be seeking assistance.

Our emphasis on helping homeowners continue to do the things they love suggests a customer-centric approach, acknowledging the emotional and practical challenges that often accompany these situations. By offering solutions tailored to their specific needs,  we be providing a more personalized and compassionate service.


We contribute to the transformation and design of communities and neighborhoods at many economic levels. Our shared vision has contributed significantly in the lives of thousands of families.

We’ve been buying properties for 15+ years and collectively our team has over 90+ years of experience! The “live and sleep with the business” philosophy has not changed since the founding of our company. The prosperity of local residents in the neighborhoods we invest in is of upmost importance in our day to day ventures.

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